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Aluminium is lightweight, yet extremely stable and strong when comparing its density to steel

Aluminium is impact-resistant and extremely strong. The surface of an aluminium sheet dents on impact, but the force of the impact is absorbed by the deformation

Aluminium is corrosion-resistant and protects itself. Rust-free.
When it comes into contact with oxygen from the air, the surface of aluminium oxidises, and this dense layer of oxide immediately reforms when damaged and protects the metal underneath against corrosion.

Aluminium is insensitive to temperature fluctuations. In extreme cold the material becomes even harder. Perfect for that frosty African morning.

Aluminium is vapour-impermeable. Making our canopies weather-proof.

Aluminium is resistant to UV radiation


Strong framework welded with precision

Light weight canopy due to aluminium’s nature

Custom-made to your model bakkie

Superior support provided by additional material

Heavy duty locks for maximum security

Seals well, making it water and dust resistant

Our Tortoise Canopies
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